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A Masterclass with Jos de Blok Founder & CEO of Buurtzorg

The What: What was the Buurtzorg Masterclass?

The Buurtzorg Masterclass was a session delivered by Jos de Blok that focussed on the business case behind the Buurtzorg model and the success story of the journey in Holland from when Buurtzorg first started in 2007 to today. Alongside the origins of the model and the business case the session explored the challenges faced along the way and how Buurtzorg addressed these and influenced change within the Dutch system.

The question on your mind may be more than just what was the Masterclass about but also what was its purpose, what did we want to achieve? The answer to this is that we wanted to showcase the model in a new way to our senior stakeholders and commissioners so they could see the business case behind the model and to start the conversations for building our business case in Kent and Medway as part of the Transforming Integrated Care in the Community project. How did we aim to achieve this trough the Masterclass? Take a look at the next section as we move on to the how!

The How: How did we want the Masterclass to start the conversation in Kent & Medway?

Through holding the Masterclass and inviting our key stakeholders we wanted to get them thinking about what the Transforming Integrated Care in the Community project and the Buurtzorg model means for Kent and Medway. By giving them the opportunity to hear first hand from Buurtzorg’s founder Jos de Blok this allowed them to hear first hand about how the model can work and gives a different perspective with the focus on the business model, how changes can be made and how we can approach these conversations. Jos highlighted how a long-term perspective is needed to make the changes needed, the key piece of advice was that if you can change something change it but there is the need to be pragmatic and look at the small steps needed to remove obstacles.

The Why: Why did we need to hold the Masterclass?

We held the Masterclass with Jos de Blok as we need to transform how we deliver health and social care, in Holland the Buurtzorg model has been a huge success resulting in the highest client satisfaction rates, high staff satisfaction rates and generating savings of 40 per cent to the Dutch healthcare system. In order to fully bring Buurtzorg to Kent and Medway we need to show that this is the right way forward and that it is a sustainable long-term solution that will provide great outcomes! By holding the Masterclass and engaging with the key stakeholders in Kent and Medway we hope this will drive forward our progress.

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Keep an eye out for our next blog on Dementia Friendly Communities as we go into the what, the how and why!

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