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Design and Learning Centre 2019 end of year review

3,016,000 Euros and £339,342 in funding has been secured to develop and progress key areas care and together with two new projects approved in December, which are Empower and Ensure. Empower will work to address some of the challenges we face with an ageing population through technology, innovation and work to reduce social isolation. Ensure will develop a new cost-effective model to reduce and prevent vulnerability and reduce the gap between people and services, building on the highly successful 'Moms for Moms' network of peer-to-peer community volunteers will be established.

DLC Achievements in 2019

In 2019, 2051 ESTHER ambassadors and 80 coaches have been trained and now support ESTHERs to ensure What Matters to them.

500 care sector managers attended two Registered Managers Conference, which received ratings of 4.3 and 4.5/5. Free access has been provided to health and social care staff to the Social Care Information and Learning Services (SCILS) provide resources and support to the sector. The Well Led programme has resulted in 9 providers (from 25 who completed the programme) increasing their CQC rating.

A digital medication pilot project is underway to support patients discharged from Maidstone Hospital with medicines when they are discharged with social care support. The aim is to standardise the process, using Medication Administration Charts at discharge that can then be continued within the community, ensuring a smoother and safer pathway.

The Ashford South Neighbourhood domiciliary care team, which uses the Buurtzorg self- management principles, is now fully operational.

The Care App continues to be developed and has received positive feedback following testing. Care staff were able to use the app for guidance and identified cellulitis and mental health concerns, both of which were provided with further medical support.

33 Innovation events were hosted across the workstreams, which were attended by 1258 individuals. The year has also seen the DLC and the Kent, Surrey, Sussex Academic Health Science network support the Kent and Medway STP as the Innovation Facility.

The DLC in 2020

Work is continuing to ensure we truly engage people in developing and implementing solutions and we are working in partnership with Health and Healthwatch to agree a consistent approach for co-production. We are supporting the Integrated Care Partnerships with embedding the ESTHER philosophy a key enabler for personalisation. And we will drive social care research and help support the Kent Surrey Sussex Applied Research Collaboration along with strengthening our relationships with the National Institute of Health Research and Kent University.

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