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Digital Medicines Support in Domiciliary Care – LGA’s Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerator (SCDIA)

Following a successful commercial discovery phase the SCDIP board recently agreed that this project now has even higher priority due to COVID-19. The Final Phase of the project involves two key work streams:

  • To co-create a Stakeholder Specification of what digital solutions need to address to fully meet the sector's needs (to be undertaken with all invested bodies in the sector as well as suppliers)
  • Develop a Business Case that can support all Local Authorities in better understanding and evidencing the need to invest in these solutions

There is little national data in relation to medicines related tasks in the domiciliary care setting, meaning that there is a lack of data to support the need for a digital solution for medicines management. However, it is commonly known that transcribing and administration errors happen, with a majority of these causing no harm but there is unfortunately a small minority that may lead to permanent harm or even death.

Our passion is to support the creation of a tool that will support care workers and providers in a safer way to manage medicines for people receiving domiciliary care.

The project is working to get IT creators/providers to a minimum standard for domiciliary care in relation to medicines that will mean that we can work more collaboratory in the future to reduce risk and improve quality in relation to medicines management.

We can then use the digital solutions to enable better data collection around time spent supporting medicines, information around medicines errors, being able to act quicker when an error happens and quality checking rather than an auditing process.

This project works to start enabling everyone involved in supporting medicines management to work more collaboratively and understand the issues faced when supporting people with their medicines.

If you are using a digital tool to support the your team working in domiciliary care and are happy to discuss your experience with us please email using Digital Medicines Management in the subject bar.


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