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Empowercare Project Overview

EMPOWERCARE will create resilient communities and empower people to take more responsibility for their care using technology and local services to keep them in work, healthy and motivated. EMPOWERCARE will work in partnership with organisations supporting people over 65 (or 50+ with a health condition) to improve their digital skills and wellbeing. This will be delivered through the following activities:

  • The project will engage with the local community, including professionals, volunteers and citizens, to sustain the growth of technical skills through training and the creation of an Empowerment Strategy.
  • We will engage with individuals and showcase relevant innovations through technology hubs.
  • Develop a Technology Blueprint on initiatives and technology that support enablement at individual and community level.
  • Establish network of support groups and skills labs to develop peer support training.

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EMPOWERCARE is a cross-border project partnering 13 organisations from across the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands and is funded by the Interreg 2 Seas Programme (co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund).


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