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ESTHER & Our Training Opportunities in Kent

The What: What is an ESTHER Ambassador and an ESTHER Coach?Let’s start at the beginning at the first stop on our ESTHER training journey, with the ESTHER Ambassador training. An ESTHER Ambassador is someone who has an in depth understanding of the ESTHER Model. An ESTHER Ambassador uses this knowledge to apply ESTHER to their work and to promote and raise awareness of the ESTHER model to others, this can be colleagues, people who use services and friends and family.The next step in the ESTHER training journey is the ESTHER Coach training, so what is an ESTHER Coach and how is this different to an ESTHER Ambassador? Well, an ESTHER Coach is someone who has an in depth understanding of ESTHER following the ESTHER Ambassador training and then goes on to be trained in quality improvement and coaching. An ESTHER coach will look for opportunities and coach their team and colleagues to take forward improvement projects that are of benefit to ESTHERS who use their services and their organisations.How do these roles sound? Are you interested in finding out how you can make a difference and become an ESTHER Ambassador or Coach? If the answer is yes then keep reading.

The How: How do I become an ESTHER Ambassador or Coach?To become either an ESTHER Ambassador or Coach you will need to attend one of our training courses. What are the courses and how are they different? Let’s take a look at what the training entails.Our ESTHER Ambassador training is a one off 2 hour session that gives an in depth look at the ESTHER Model. There is no preparation required ahead of this training, but people are welcome to do their own research if they wish too. Once the training has been completed our new ESTHER Ambassadors are given a badge to wear and asked to help us spread the word of ESTHER and apply the model to their work. To support our ESTHER Ambassadors to raise awareness of ESTHER they also receive electronic confirmation of their attendance which includes an overview of the ESTHER Model and what next steps they can take as an ESTHER Ambassador. The electronic confirmation of attendance can also be used as evidence for ongoing professional development.The ESTHER Coach training course is run over 5 months with four full day training sessions and one-half day for presenting improvement projects. The only thing we ask those looking to do the coach training to do is to complete the ESRHER Ambassador training. The training focusses on quality improvement, coaching skills and working in partnership with ESTHERs. On completion of the training the ESTHER Coaches receive a T Shirt, badge and a certificate. Following the training the expectation we ask ESTHER Coaches to continue to apply their learning and to look for further quality improvement opportunities by working with and coaching their team to support continuous quality improvement.Our ESTHER Ambassadors and Coaches are also invited to join our ESTHER Network where they can continue to discuss ESTHER and support each other. The ESTHER Network is an online group and you can join the conversation by joining the ESTHER Network today!We currently have dates available for both our ESTHER Ambassador and ESTHER Coach courses, take a look at our ESTHER web page with the dates and contact us to book your place via you know what an ESTHER Ambassador and ESTHER Coach are and how to become one, you might be thinking why do we need our Ambassadors and Coaches?

The Why: Why do we need ESTHER Ambassadors & Coaches?Since adopting the ESTHER model here in Kent and training ESTHER Coaches and Ambassadors we have seen staff become more engaged and empowered, which has been great to see and we hope in the future we can see some of the longer term positive effects Sweden has.So we are at the end of this blog post covering the ESTHER Training opportunities we have here in Kent. We hope you have enjoyed reading and that we have inspired you to join us on our ESTHER journey and take part in some of the training we have on offer!Take a look at our ESTHER webpage for our current dates and more information. Would you like to book onto a course? If the answer is yes contact us via email with the details of the session you would like to book onto!Keep an eye out for more of our blog posts about our work and projects where we will go into the as we go into the what, the how and why!Follow us @KentDLC