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Medicines in the Community

The What: What has been happening to progress the Medicines in the Community Project?We have been working together with health and social care colleagues to create a smoother pathway in relation to medicines.‘Social Care Medicines Administration’ Guidance for Home Care Providers and Care Workers has been created with clear underpinned guidelines to support them around the administration of medicines, a copy of the guidance can be found here. Associated documents are in the final stages of design these include, prompt charts for care workers and reminder charts.We are also due to start a pilot with Maidstone Hospital to provide selected patients a Medicines Administration Record Chart (MAR Chart) upon discharge and then provided with their monthly medicines by their community pharmacy.We are also currently in the early stages of working to improve medicines reviews and provide people with a medicines concordance assessment where needed. In May we held an Innovation Event to start exploring how we can move this work forward (please see the video summary of the day below). If you are interested in being a part of this work, please get in touch by email (

The Why: Why is the work taking so long?We want the work to create long term change, we are asking organisations to change and/or create new ways of working. We are working to make sure that any changes made complement their existing work and that minimal impact is made to how long processes take e.g. working with existing IT Systems.We are also mapping our guidance and work to national guidance/criteria to support care providers when they are inspected by CQC.As we are working with multiple providers, work forces and organisations we must understand everyone has their own protocols and policies to adhere to. Therefore, some organisations have more complex processes to go through to make changes. Over the past 18 months we have had more and more people join the work showing that everyone is supporting the work going forward.

The How: How will the Medicines in the Community Project impact the care workers and providers?Over time we expect to have less variation across Kent in relation to how people’s medicines are managed. We are working to have standard forms e.g. Medicines Administration Charts (MAR Charts) to increase safety and quality.We are working so that care staff across Kent can refer people for medicines and/or concordance reviews.We are also working to have standard training, guidelines and support around managing people’s medicines. We want to reinforce how important our care work force is within Kent. Keep an eye out for our next blog on the development of the Carers and Care Workers App as we go into the what, the how and why!Follow us @KentDLC