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Nurse Associates in Social Care

Update on Trainee Nursing Associates from Social Care Services in Kent

The new September cohort of trainee Nursing Associates started their training in September, and we are pleased to report there are 3 trainees from local nursing homes who join trainees from local NHS services.

The Nursing Associate (NA) is a new role which is regulated by The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and once qualified NA’s can then apply to be on the NMC register and continue with CPD activities to maintain their competences.

NA’s are trained to work with people of all ages and across all four fields of nursing; adult, children’s, mental health and learning disability. They provide care for people who have mental, physical, cognitive and behavioural care needs, those living with dementia, the elderly and for people at the end of their life. It is intended that the role will enable registered nurses to focus on more complex clinical duties.

For information on the Nursing Associate role, please see the leaflet.

Why have Nurse Associates in Social Care Nursing Services?

The 2yr NA Apprenticeship program provides a development opportunity for workers within the health and care sector who have the right values, skills and knowledge to become a Nursing Associate, providing valued support to the nursing team

The NA role offers a real career pathway as qualified NA’s who have potential to undertake further degree training can progress to become a registered nurse.

This will enable nursing providers to ‘grow their own’ nurses which could help with recruitment and retention difficulties within the sector.

How Can Nursing Homes Access This Opportunity?

The qualification is a 2yr foundation degree (level 5) and is delivered within an apprenticeship. Levy paying organisations will utilise their own levy to fund this, and for non-levy organisations, they can access Kent County Council’s levy to fully fund their trainee NA.

There are 2 programs running in Kent - Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells (MTW) NHS Trust NA program and the East Kent Hospital NHS Foundation Trust program, both are delivered by Canterbury University.

The next East Kent Hospital cohort will be January 2020 and the MTW cohort is due to start in September 2020. Anyone interested in accessing either of the NA programs please email for further details.

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