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October 2018 Conference Presentations and Information

The What: What is the conference for? This twice a year event is to support owners, Registered Managers and senior workers to keep updated on changes within the care sector, share good practice, network with peers and professionals and visit a variety of stands to view products, equipment and to find out about training and support options that are available.The How: How does the conference support Registered Managers? The conference has input from national organisations such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Skills for Care, Health Education England, Royal College of Nursing (RCN) as well as local NHS teams, Clinical Commissioning Group’s and support organisations. The contributors either speak to the whole audience or provide one of the 8 specialist workshops which cover a wide variety of topics.

Delegates also have the opportunity of a Question & Answer session with CQC, which is always valued, as managers can hear the thoughts and views of other managers.Networking time is built into the agenda along with time to visit the stands, which is something that managers always find useful as they share good practice with others and discover new products and suppliers in the market place area.Feedback from each event is always considered when planning the next event to ensure that the content provided is what managers really want.Early feedback from the latest event shows a very positive response, particularly to the RCN’s Compassionate Leadership workshop:

  • "Interesting & thought provoking re. how do I lead? How can I change how I lead? Good discussion, Analogy useful" – Nursing Home Manager
  • "Thought provoking, Like the idea of compassionate in relation to leadership, Leaders sometimes abuse power and use the blame culture"
  • "Food for thought – Reconciliation rather than blame, Analogy helpful"

The Why: Why does Kent County Council provide this event for the sector?Kent County Council recognises that registered managers are busy ensuring that the day to day care and support needs for their service users are met and workers are supported in their role. This means it can be difficult for managers to keep updated with the many ongoing changes within the sector and source development opportunities.There are around 850 care providers in Kent and a maximum capacity at the conference of 250, we ensure that the speaker and workshop presentations are available to everyone. To find out more about the conference and to access the presentations from the day take a look at The Hub's news feature on the day. We also have a dedicated space for registered managers on the Design and Learning Centre website, which is called ‘The Hub’ Why not take a look?The next conference is planned for April 2019 the details will be emailed out in the New Year and we look forward to another great event!You can follow the Design and Learning Centre's activities including "The Hub" on Twitter: @KentDLC