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The Carers & Care Workers App

The What: What will the new Carers & Care Workers App do?This exciting project will enable Carers, Care Workers and citizens to:

  • Navigate services
  • Follow established pathways
  • Access key information from local and national sources
  • Empower them to be more in control of health and wellbeing

The How? How will the Carers & Care Workers App support people? People will feel safer to access social prescribing and self-referral without the need for always going through traditional routes – thus reducing the need to see their own GP practice, A&E or Social Worker but accessing enhanced community support including the voluntary sector.This links well with one of our key initiatives – the ESTHER Philosophy of Care that ensures we always ask, “What matters to the person?”

We will ensure that people who have difficulty using technology are not disadvantaged for example by training carers (informal and formal), relatives, and care professionals to use the Carers and Care Workers App to its full potential. The app can be easily and centrally updated.The Why? Why is the Design and Learning Centre Focussing on Technology?This is one of the ways that the DLC can harness technology and the digital revolution to deliver consistent Better, Safer, Cheaper and Different Care to really meet the needs of the 1.8 million people living in Kent and Medway.

As we approach the end of the year our last blog post for 2018 will be a reflection of the year and what the Design and Learning Centre has achieved. We will look forward to sharing this with you in December!To find out more about the Design and Learning Centre and our work visit our website.

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