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The Design and Learning Centre

The Design and Learning Centres PrioritiesSo, first to recap on the Design and Learning Centres priorities, our work focuses on exploring evaluated solutions and technologies which can easily be adopted at a fast scale and allow for widespread dissemination. The Centre seeks out innovations to enable workforce redesign and/or efficiency. The Centre designs and implements new care models that take a patient/user/citizen driven approach, this includes bringing in learning from other regions and countries.

The Design and Learning Centres ProjectsWe are currently working on a range of projects, many are aligned to the NHS England Universal Personalised Care delivery plan such as:

  • ESTHER which is a model from Sweden with an aim to create smoother and safer pathways and use providers resources more efficiently with a communal goal of always doing what matters to ESTHER. The model strives to improve patients experience and quality of care received.
  • Buurtzorg, through funding secured and working in partnership the first domiciliary care team will be launched in Ashford in August.
  • Medication in the community to reduce medicines errors and provide people with the support that they need to manage their own medicines in the community
  • the Design and Learning Centre HUB which is the one stop shop to support the Care Sector with an aim to establish a care sector workforce that is integrated, sustainable, confident and improve quality of care and support. We have commissioned and delivered a wide range of training and development opportunities to support the Sector which includes an online resource: Social Care Information Learning Services (Scils) and twice a year hold Registered Managers events, we have just opened bookings for the October event.
  • working in collaboration with the AHSN to support the Clinical and Professional board -working on a current primary care challenge to improve professional and citizen experience through innovation and technologies.
  • Dementia Innovation Programme, in which Dementia Friendly Communities is a key activity and we are now developing the Dementia Arts, Culture and Creativity offer.
  • Working in partnership with the STP to test and, further develop and roll out the Healp4Carers App.

Co-Production and How to Get Involved Co-production with citizens, staff, businesses and academia is at the heart of all our work. We do this through innovation workshops and over the last 3 months engaged with 50 people in developing solutions to challenges. We are really can to hear people’s Health and Social care Innovation ideas and for people to get involved with our work, so if you have any ideas or would like to be part of our co-production network please contact us on Any Innovation ideas received will be reviewed and considered if and how the DLC can be involved.Our next Impact report will be shared November 2019.For more information visit our website and follow us on Twitter @KentDLC