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The Help4Carers App

The What: What is the Help4Carers app?In June 2019, the Design and Learning Centre took on the delivery and implementation of the Help4Carers which had been develop by the Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership.This app will enable carers, care workers and citizens to:

  • access information and training,
  • navigate local services,
  • be more confident making decisions related to care tasks,
  • take more control over health and wellbeing.

The How: How is the app being implemented?Co-production is at the heart of everything we do at the Design and Learning Centre. Over the summer we’ve been busy collecting feedback from our target user group on the existing product. We’ve worked with local care providers and carers support agencies across Kent and Medway to meet with carers and care workers and to understand in more detail how it could help them.In September we’re planning an innovation workshop to bring local representatives from the NHS, Kent County Council, Medway Council and carers support organisations together alongside users. This event will help us to decide on our next steps including further development and the local launch.

The Why?: Why target carers and care workers?Carers and care workers provide an invaluable role supporting the health and wellbeing of people, not only in Kent and Medway, but across the whole country. By providing tailored support and guidance through digital technology to those in caring roles we can provide Better, Safer, and Cheaper care to those they care for.Carers are often ideally placed to identify small changes that could be the signs of a problem. The app is designed to help them to spot these changes and to know what to do, including where to go for more help. By intervening early, people will be supported by their carers to stay as well possible, either in their own homes or communities, and out of hospital.For more information visit our website and follow us on Twitter @KentDLC