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The Medicines in the Community Project

The What: What is the Medication in the Community Project all about?In March 2017 a challenge was put forward to Health and Social care ‘There is not a joined-up approach for medicines management for people living in the community’. The Design & Learning Centre was tasked to run an innovation event to review the challenge.The innovation event was a huge success and mapped out the challenges within the medication pathway. We were able to identify the opportunities required to design and deliver an agreed ‘Medicines Management in the Community’ model in Kent and Medway.

The Why: Why is the focus on Medicines in the Community?Providers are having huge challenges in relation to supporting people with medications. There are many regulations that providers must legally follow, and they are finding it increasingly hard to meet these.With an increasing number of medications being prescribed it’s important that we come together to work towards an agreed pathway to support everyone in managing their medications whilst living in the community.

The How: How will the Medication in the Community Project work to integrate Health & Social Care processes?At the end of January, the Design & Learning Centres Medication Project Manager Tamsin Rudolph started.Tamsin has moved the project forward with leaps and bounds already, pulling together the complex web of people involved in supporting people’s medications. We have a multi-professional steering group to support the work moving forward with representation from Health, Social Care, and the third sector.We have linked with NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and will be underpinning our pathway on NICE Guidance. We are also working to get links with CQC (Care Quality Commission) so we can have a clear and agreed medication in the community policy for providers in Kent and Medway to follow.Currently we have an underutilised community pharmacy network in supporting the community medication pathway and we need to work closely with them to utilise their expertise. We are working hard to build communications and are putting on events to further integrate pharmacy into the health and social care medication pathway.Keep an eye out for our next blog on our Learning & Development Hub as we go into the what, the how and why!Keep up to date with our latest projects, new and updates by following us on Twitter @KentDLC or visit our website.