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Transforming Integrated Care in the Community

The What: What is Transforming Integrated Care in the Community? Transforming Integrated Care in the Community (TICC) is a four-year project that is aiming to introduce the principles of Buurtzorg to three new countries, France Belgium and the UK. These countries will adopt these to provide services that are better suited to an aging population addressing holistic needs. The project also aims to develop a blueprint that will act as a guide for others wanting to adopt and work towards the principles of Buurtzorg, this will be achieved by logging all barriers and challenges faced over the course of the project and the solutions we find.Now that we know that TICC is and what it aims to do, we need to answer, “What is Buurtzorg?” and what does it mean. Buurtzorg is a Dutch word that translates in English as “Neighbourhood Care” which is core the to the Buurtzorg model. Buurtzorg is a nurse-led model of holistic care and was founded in 2007 by Jos de Blok. Within the Buurtzorg model small teams of nurses provide care and support to people in small communities, one of the models defining features is that the nursing teams have no manager as they self-manage. This means they are responsible for the delivery of care and managing themselves as a team this includes planning, building their caseload and making decisions as a team. The Buurtzorg nurses are supported by an ICT system and a Coach who they can reach out to when they need to.We know what TICC and Buurtzorg are, now we need to think about how we are doing this in the UK, specifically in Kent.

The How: How are we delivering TICC in Kent? In the UK there are 3 implementation partners, Kent County Council, Kent Community Foundation NHS Trust and Medway Community Healthcare. In Kent we will be working with Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust to implement a new integrated service that is based on the principles of the Buurtzorg model. We are pleased to confirm that our first pilot site will be Edenbridge in the west of the county, we will be forming a new integrated community team that is made up or nurses, healthcare assistants and care workers.Alongside piloting new integrated community service, we will be recording all the barriers and challenges and how these were overcome, this will be used to create a blueprint. The blueprint will act as a guide for other organisations looking to work in line with the Buurtzorg principles and will help them do this at pace. At the end of the project all project partners will make the blueprint freely available to others on their websites.

The Why: Why are we taking part in TICC?In the Netherlands Buurtzorg has been highly successful and has the highest levels of client and staff satisfaction and generated savings of 40 per cent to the Dutch healthcare system. We are hoping through the TICC project we can share the success of Buurtzorg and that it will provide a solution to the financial, social and clinical challenges in the UK that are associated with an aging population and to improve staff retention and recruitment.Would you like to stay up to date with The TICC Project and our work in Kent and beyond? Is the answer is yes sign up to our TICC newsletter and get regular updates straight to your mailbox or visit our website!Follow us: @KentDLC