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Digital Learning to support Care Homes and Nursing workers

This resource is a collation of quality assured learning resources and information to help you perform your role as a member of a care home or nursing home staff. The resources are useful for your day-to-day practice with some emphasis on supporting residents with access to online health services during this COVID-19 pandemic and covers the following;

  1. Vital signs monitoring and data collection
  2. How to take residents through an online consultation or video consultation with their GP surgery as a proxy confidently
  3. Taking a resident through video consultation
  4. Spotting and responding promptly to red flags
  5. Communicating effectively with practice colleagues but also residents
  6. Maintaining the privacy, dignity and confidentiality during interaction with the people you care for and their carers
  7. Collation and recording of manually collected or automatic remote monitoring information
  8. NHS App & NHS Login – repeat prescriptions, person held records, organ donation
  9. Additional useful resources
  10. Managing the needs of individuals with mental health problems, dementia or Learning Disability (Intellectual Disability)