We are pleased to announce that the Innovation Delivery Team has fully funded a Kent wide subscription to the Scils training site.  

This enables all Statutory, private and voluntary organisations within Kent access to the Learning Materials and Facilities FREE OF CHARGE.

The site has over 250 individual short courses, and group materials for trainers to download classroom sessions. there is also a managers discussion board, news page and more! This guide has information on what is available and how to utilise the site.  There is also a full list of available training sessions.  More resources are added each week.

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Please use this registration number to set up your account in minutes 490KECC

Managers can use the number above to set up workers and allocate courses for them to complete or workers can be given the registration number above to set up their own log-on. Just go to and click on Register. If needed, a User Guide is available at

See this poster which details some of the most popular topics accessed on Scils